Fees for 2019/2020 and the Government Grant

  • Children under 3 - Fees are £11.00 per session and £3.00 per session for any optional lunch sessions.

  • Children over 3 - Each child aged 3 and over is entitled to 15 hours a week Preschool for 33 weeks a year.


The fee of £12.00 will be payable for any session not claimed for through the Government Grant Scheme. Once a child becomes eligible for a Grant funded place, the Playgroup will ask each Parent/Guardian to sign a Claim Form and provide proof of identity for the child such as a Birth Certificate or Passport. The Playgroup will then reclaim the money and the sessions claimed for will be at no cost to your family. Lunch sessions can be claimed as part of the Grant Scheme, any additional lunch sessions above the 15 hours will remain at £3.00 per session. Optional lunch sessions do not need to be booked in advance.

Reduced Rates and Fee Waivers

The Playgroup has reduced rates for parents with twins at the playgroup. Fees can be waived or reduced for any family who is struggling to meet the cost of Playgroup fees at the discretion of the Committee. Any parent worried about the cost of fees should discuss this with the Playleader.

Childcare Vouchers

The Playgroup is registered with Computer Share Voucher Services and will accept this method of payment should you wish to use it. Childcare vouchers are available for all eligible working parents, and could help reduce your Childcare costs even further as they are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions.